Saturday, 1 November 2014

Hallowe'en for some

For Catholics, of course, it's Hallowe'en tonight since we're keeping All Saints' Day tomorrow, because 1 November is a Saturday this year and Hallowe'en is of course All Hallows' Eve (I hope you're taking notes at the back there - there'll be questions later. And if you know the answers, please tell me. In words of one syllable, preferably). 

We've all got different thoughts about Hallowe'en, I suspect. For some good thoughts on keeping it all in proportion, see The Beaker Folk; for a consideration of some of the real dangers, see iBenedictines    

In a previous parish, we had Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction on Hallowe'en night, and prayed for all the streets of the parish by name, for protection and peace. Some of the local children saw the church lights on while out trick-or-treating, and came in. They sat quietly with us for a while in their witch and ghost costumes. Some people of a fastidious or traditionalist bent might have demurred, but I thought it was rather lovely; of course it meant too that I could explain to them what the occasion was really all about in the Christian calendar. 

Have a glorious All Saints' Day, and may we enjoy the prayers and friendship of all the saints. 

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