Saturday, 18 January 2014

Just after the Full Moon

Today's picture from NASA APOD
I'm back... A belated Happy New Year, everyone. (What do you mean, you didn't miss me?) To ease me back after my blogging sluggishness (and to make sure this gets posted before this Wolf Moon wanes too far) I'm  pinching gratefully borrowing from others...

I always enjoy the Poetry Chaikhana blog, and especially so yesterday's poem by Izumi Shikibu:

Watching the Moon 
at midnight,
solitary, mid-sky,
I knew myself completely, no part left out.

Do read it there, and Ivan Granger's commentary. He says that, like the Moon, our individual consciousness only gives light if it reflects... And here I would say: if it reflects the Light of God, the 'love that moves the Sun and the other stars.'  'Look to him and be radiant', says the Psalmist in what has long been a 'touchstone' verse for me.  I give thanks for the ways in which that reflected light shines on me through colleagues, students, fellow-pilgrims, pastors, preachers, dear 'soul friends' and (God forgive me!) the most unexpected of people. And all the graces I pray for can be summed up as the grace to grow to fullness, like the Moon, so that I can reflect more.

A while ago, A Minor Friar (apologies, I've kept the quote but not the link to the exact post) wrote about watching the early morning light reflected in the sacred vessels on the altar and said 'take a moment just to appreciate the light; its dignity as the first of us creatures, the first of us to receive the original gaze of divine blessing, it was good.' 

 And this morning this little prayer came my way, and I'll try to make it my own as an invocation to start each day:

Sol iustítiæ, tibi dies noster consecrétur,
—qui in baptísmate nos illustrásti.

Sun of Justice, you filled us with light at our baptism,
– we dedicate this day to you.

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