Monday, 2 September 2013


Atkinson Grimshaw's Iris. She was sent to wither the flowers at the end of summer, but hesitated  because of their beauty
So September begins and, although the official start of autumn is still nearly three weeks off, there's a feel of the end of summer in the air - the days are warm still, but the mornings and evenings have that delightful crispness about them, with dewy cobwebs and those lovely slanting shadows. I feel strange urges to buy pencils and sharpen them neatly. I'm even tentatively picking up some threads of work - reading through the paperwork for the interviews we'll be starting for the Ignatian Spirituality Course next week. (Still not too late to apply - have a look here!)

There's a poem by C S Lewis on The Inklings blog today that was new to me. Do read it! It's about the song of a bird at the beginning of summer, but I found it helped me to review all that's happened over the last month or so:

...This year, this year, as all the flowers foretell,We shall escape the circle and undo the spell
Often deceived, yet open once again your heart,
Look, look, look, look! the gates are drawn apart
I said "This might prove truer than you know,Some year.  And yet your singing will not make it so..."

I reflect that, although I have done very little (that was the idea!) some familiar old circles have been broken open and I suspect some spells are being unravelled. Amazing grace indeed! It's exciting. And daunting. And extremely tempting to think this is my doing, and I can continue the transformation in my own strength. Which is why God's grace nudged me to find this wonderful post about prayer on the blog of the Dominican nuns of Summit, NJ.  

So how has summer proved true for you?

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