Thursday, 8 August 2013

Cupcakes revisited

Annunciation With Virgin Reading (detail) Lorenzo Costa  c1460-1535
recently posted about "Cupcakes of Thought". Silvana's comment there gave me an idea... For a while now I've been thinking how I might collect together some of the snippets and quotations I come across that touch my heart. If you click on the Cupcakes/Quotations tab at the top of the home page (or you can click here if you prefer) you'll see the work in progress.

I toyed with calling it Thought For The Day, but that's been done, and there won't be one every day. (Mind you, I could always cite Psalm 90:4 to cover myself under the Trades Descriptions Act).  Anyway, it really is a work in progress and it will be a fairly random and of course subjective collection. I'm enjoying doing it - do have a look! And there are comment boxes there too so please tell me if anything I've shared resonates with you too. I look forward to that!


  1. Glad to have been of inspirational service! And as a tea drinker, I especially like the latest little morsel... it already looks like being quite an eclectic mix. Happy baking!


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