Sunday, 28 July 2013

Unam Sanctam Catholicam...

Pope Francis in Rio
A week of juxtaposition (if that's the word I want). The shock and tragedy of the train crash in Santiago de Compostela just as pilgrims - some of them among the victims - gathered to celebrate the feast of St James. I leave it to Digitalnun to voice the pain and questions more eloquently than I can...

Pope Francis in Rio for World Youth Day, mobbed by the crowds, speaking out against injustice, posing with football shirts and taking part in exuberant liturgical extravaganza...

And having watched these events unfolding on television,  yesterday I went to the ordination in London of four deacons for the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham.  Splendid liturgy, music by Byrd and Tallis, rousing hymns - and the huge joy of seeing four servants of the Lord anointed by the Holy Spirit as heralds of the Good News.

Catholicity. The suffering, compassionate, challenging, joyful, humble, serving worldwide Body of Christ. Sometimes the wonder of that just hits me between the eyes. And I'm a tiny, unworthy part of it. Deo Gratias.  


  1. My sentiments exactly. Wish I could have been at the ordination. It sounds beautiful.

  2. Thank you, Barbara. Yes, it was beautiful! Please pray for them.


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