Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Alternative blog titles 2

I was writing something serious, but trying to do it in a hurry. Not a good combination... I was saying something about "negative cycles of thought" but I must have typed the word "cycles" wrongly and my good old iPad tried its best to make sense of it. A quick glance showed no red lines under any of the words so I hit Send.  Later, much later, I realised I'd written about

Cupcakes of Thought

I'd read about that, wouldn't you?


  1. From cycles to cupcakes... I reckon your subconscious was at work (or play) here, trying to get you to take a break and enjoy something delicious!

    But as cupcakes are basically fancy fairy cakes and quite small, any blog with that title would have to have very short almost bite-size posts!

    1. Definitely my subconscious! Could have been worse, I suppose... Bite-size and delicious posts sound nice! I'll see what I can do.


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