Thursday, 11 July 2013

A displaced weekend

The view by the wheelie bins
I'm teaching on Saturday and Sunday, but by a little careful planning and a lot of serendipity I have today and tomorrow as my "weekend". So here I am in the garden, coffee by my side, books at my feet and my iPad in my lap. Displacement activities officially allowed!

It's amazing what you learn... Yesterday evening I cooled off with some very gentle pottering in the garden, i.e. pulling out some strands of bindweed. I find it quite therapeutic: it's fun to see how long a bit you can unwind before it comes away. I'm not very thorough or systematic, though - I don't mind not getting it all (sorry, I know that's gardening heresy). It may strangle more delicate plants but the flowers can enliven a dull shrub and the bees seem to like them. But who'd have known it isn't really called Convolvulus?

And who'd have known that the thing we've been watching at Wimbledon isn't called tennis?

Oh, and I've just discovered that my chemical element is Xenon. Apparently it's "noble but inert", can emit a "lavenderish" glow and is or has been used in arc lamps, general anaesthetics and the thrusters of spacecraft. 

A straw-h/t (and once the Sun is over the yardarm a raised glass of blackberry Pimms) to A Reflex Anglican, the Inky Fool and A Letter From Home - links above. 


  1. Not that I want to spoil your fun...but you're not unique! ;)

    1. I take it you mean in terms of our element, not a laissez-faire attitude to bindweed!


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