Monday, 13 May 2013

De gustibus...

Have you ever played the game where you sneak a look into someone's trolley at the supermarket and try to guess the story behind their choice of purchases? I once saw a trolley containing nothing but a large crate of tinned cat food and a bag of quick-drying cement (can't even begin to guess...); another had two thermal vests and a pineapple (feeling the cold and longing for the tropics?)

So here's a glimpse into a virtual trolley, courtesy of Amazon. I would so love it to be one person who bought all three items (in case you can't see, it's a "pin the tail on the donkey" game, a multi-coloured sombrero and a copy of St Augustine's City of God). I bet they throw great parties!

And what on earth was it in my shopping history that prompted the connection?!


  1. After extensive research (Google is my friend!) I've concluded that you're searching for some tips on how to pep up your lawn before you throw a Mexican themed garden party. A packet of St Augustine Grass seed is even now winging its way to your door.

    Is there a prize for the correct answer?

    1. Sorry to disappoint you - but I don't know what the correct answer is - honestly! I haven't been buying grass seed (you've not seen my lawn...). I did buy a copy of Henry Chadwick's biography of St Augustine, so that explains that, but sombrero and donkey game? No idea! Sounds a wonderful garden party, though!

      Any thoughts on the cat food and cement?

  2. I missed those two, being somewhat distracted by the inflatable kangaroo at the time!


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