Thursday, 4 April 2013

Paschal mystery in word(le)s

H/t to Silvana for her Wordle of the month. I enjoy Wordles - I was first introduced to them by a Benedictine nun as a way of doing Lectio Divina - and thought I'd see what a Wordle made from my posts for Holy Week and Easter looks like. Like Silvana, I like to look for patterns... I can see "life, Benedicite, one, now"; "moon, sky, see, air - look though"; "holy morning homily love."  There's also a slightly puzzling "Ratzinger kitchen luminous" (which it no doubt is)...  And I notice a stray "Benedicte" [sic] - it must be a typo in the John Heath-Stubbs poem I cut-and-pasted from an old file. Or perhaps a vocative for Benedictus?

What can you see?

Still bitterly cold here... Snowing again! Now, enough of these displacement activities (yes, I'm at it again!) and I must pack my case. Off to Sweden tomorrow morning to give a workshop in Stockholm on Dynamic, Discernment and Desire in the Spiritual Exercises. Prayers please, if you'd be so kind!  


  1. A lovely round Wordle - the right shape for someone who blogs about the sun and moon!

    And how about "Christ light descended holy morning"? - very Easter-y!

    Enjoy Sweden

  2. Thanks Silvana! The shape was fortuitous but it is good, isn't it?


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