Thursday, 14 March 2013

Random thoughts for today

The first full day of a new Papacy... and my first sight of the new crescent Moon (for a stunning picture look here - h/t to NASA as usual). Coincidentally, it's also the 26th anniversary of my ordination as Deacon today too.

Please forgive my flippancy, but I did chuckle at the picture above (Monty Python was part of my formation), courtesy of CatholicMemes, which I found at the Catholic Herald site. And 'fess up - is it only me, or did anyone else dust off their Evita CD and play Don't Cry For Me, Argentina? As we pray for Pope Francis, let's expect him to be Surprisingly Good for us...

And for an excellent post which really will give you something to ponder and pray about, it's iBenedictines as always.

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