Thursday, 28 March 2013

Luminous life

Full Moon and plum blossom, courtesy of Ferrebeekeeper

Maundy Thursday today, and the Paschal full Moon last night...

I have more on my mind to express; I am full like the full Moon. (Sirach 39:12)

The luminous life now triumphs, having scattered the darkness of idolatry in the abundance of its light.  This is why the course of the Moon, on the fourteenth day, shows it as facing the rays of the Sun. Having welcomed the Sun when he is setting, she herself does not set before she has mingled her own rays with those of the Sun, so that only one light endures without any lack of continuity, through the whole cycle of day and night, with no interval of darkness. Let your whole life, then, be one sole feast and one great day. (Gregory of Nyssa)

Göran Strand took one of his fantastic pictures in the ice of northern Sweden last night, here it is from his blog Astrofotografen today...

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