Saturday, 30 March 2013

Holy Saturday

'He descended into hell'. (Apostles' Creed). Does this mean merely that Christ went to preach to the departed spirits during the interval between Great Friday evening and Easter morning? (see 1 Peter 3:19) Surely it has also a deeper sense.  Hell is a point not in space but in the soul. It is the place where God is not (And yet God is everywhere!)  If Christ truly descended into hell, that means he descended into the depths of the absence of God.  Totally, unreservedly, he identified himself with all man’s anguish and alienation.  He assumed it into himself, and by assuming it he healed it.  There was no other way he could heal it, except by making it his own. (Kallistos Ware)

In times of despair, O God, rain showers of gentleness upon us, that we may be kindly one to another and also to ourselves.  Renew in us the spirit of hope.  Even in the depths of the darkness, may we hear the approach of the One who harrows hell and greets even Judas with a kiss. (Jim Cotter)

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