Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Look at this... I don't know how this hyacinth bulb got wedged behind the grow-bag frame. I suspect a squirrel found it somewhere and dropped it. What a kind thank-you for all the birdseed they snaffle! Amazing that it's growing and flowering. It reminds me of Carl Rogers' potatoes... He watched the contorted shoots of some old spuds in his shed striving towards the light and reflected on the "actualising tendency" of all creatures: we all have hard-wired in us the deep desire to grow into the best we are created to be; to grow towards the Light.

Yesterday we were teaching about Ignatius' Principle & Foundation: our mission statement, that we are created to live in a loving relationship of praise, reverence and service to God in and through creation, and so grow into freedom and wholeness. One of the participants paraphrased it by saying "we are created to flourish". That just about says it, I think. In the words of George Appleton's prayer: Give me freedom to grow so that I may become my true self – the fulfillment of the seed which you planted in me at my making. Out of the deep I cry unto thee, O God.

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