Saturday, 2 February 2013

The year turns

This is not my own picture (the snow has gone and my snowdrops are not - quite - out yet, so St Brigid missed them on her feast day yesterday) but comes from the Time & Date website where there's some interesting facts and figures about Candlemas.

So, Imbolc yesterday and Candlemas today. The light grows and we give thanks for the Light of the World. If you click on the little "Light a Candle" gadget on the right you'll be taken to where you can light a candle to join in with the prayers of many others to celebrate the day. And I can't resist including the Holman Hunt painting, though I know a lot of people dislike it  (including my dear friend R who accompanied me to the recent Pre-Raphaelite exhibition at Tate Britain, despite really not liking them much. She deserves a medal!). 

One of the versions of painting was made just round the corner from where I live and I sometimes pretend I can recognise the brambles and, on summer evenings, greet the descendants of the original bats. Everyone knows the symbolism of the door without a handle, so all Christ can do is knock patiently. Sometimes I can pray for grace to open the door; other times it feels more honest to plead, like Donne, for him to "batter my heart" open and let the Light in.

The year turns and spring is on its way. I've posted this prayer before, but it's one I like to use at the year's turning points (adapted from a prayer by Ceisiwr Serith)

Wheels turn,
and the seasons turn,
and the Earth turns,
and the stars turn.

The universe turns
and I turn with it.
Lord of the turning,
my face turns towards you in wonder.

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