Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday Snippets - nearly Lent

In an episode of The Simpsons shown here last week, Grandpa was seen running down the road stark naked, with a bedpan on his head, shouting "the Swedish are coming!"  Marge gave a resigned sigh: "why do they have to keep changing his medication?" Thing is, that very day I'd nervously agreed with my doctor to change some medication I've been on for a long while and try something new. I'd just like to apologise in advance to all my friends and acquaintances...

Just wanted to share that - not quite sure what the connection is with Lent, except that one of my favourite Lenten books is The Lenten Pharmacy by Edward Hays, subtitled "Daily Healing Therapies". It's a lovely guide through Lent, especially for those of us who live and try to pray in the city among ordinary things. I wish everyone who might wander this way a blessed, surprising and healing Lent.

So, in my moments of lucidity this past week I've been blogging about anxiety and holding on to the truth, with a little PS here, and some thoughts about the Year of the Snake.

Happily and gratefully linked with Sunday Snippets - A Catholic Carnival, hosted by RAnn.

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