Tuesday, 12 February 2013

So sad

I didn't - couldn't - write anything yesterday: too much of a shock. I thank God for the witness of this humble pastor and eloquent theologian (not just as a writer and preacher but in Evagrius' definition as  "one who prays"). As in everything, I respect the courage, wisdom and prayerful discernment of his decision - but I feel so sad. Pray for him, and for the Church.


  1. I think you have summed up my feelings. Today I am so grateful for everything God has done through this man. I know I wouldn't be a Catholic without his ministry. And as you say sad as well as grateful.

  2. I can imagine that this must have been a terrible shock for everyone; even to those of us outside of the RCC the news came totally out of the blue. Was there no hint- even - that this was going to happen?

  3. Thank you, both. GP - I know some people are saying it wasn't a shock, but it was to me, though I believe he said some time ago than any Pope becoming too frail to exercise the ministry had the right - and duty - to step down. I can only imagine the prayer and discernment that must have gone into such a decision - and, perhaps, how lonely until it was made public.


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