Thursday, 21 February 2013


That blue metal bridge-thing actually contains one of London's hidden rivers
Memo to self: another time when planning a journey, don't forget the particular character of a trip on an off-peak train at half term. Especially a District Line train going through South Kensington. Hordes of excited children being taken on improving outings to London. The decibels reached painful proportions; then one little boy piped up "we're going to the Silence (sic) Museum!" If only...

I was going to spend the kind of day to which I treat myself once a month or so. First, coffee at one of my favourite emporia. Then a leisured spell of window-shopping (and H/T to A Letter From Home for reminding me of the therapeutic qualities of this activity.  Ooh, I've been wanting to write H/T ever since I found out what it meant. Yesterday...) Actually, this time I did have some essentials, and a birthday present, to buy; and that was therapeutic too. And then a quiet, reflective lunchtime Mass in a beautiful church nearby.

I've written before about my love of the sacred, "thin-place" nature of rivers. My journey to this particular part of London takes me not just over a river (the Thames) but under one of the city's hidden rivers, as you can see in the picture above, for which a H/T to Tired of London, Tired of Life. (Ha!) A moment of reverence and an arrow prayer...

In the afternoon, a visit to my spiritual director. A precious hour of reorientation and restoration. Deo Gratias...

And a journey home among tired children clutching plastic dinosaurs.


  1. Glad you found some solitude amidst the bustle...and dinosaurs! I know what you mean about the changed ambiance of travel over half-term. I'm just thankful they only have a week this time round.

    1. Well, it was quieter on the way home when they were all distracted by their dinosaurs. It is quite nice to be reminded by children that travel can - sometimes- be fun, though... I remember a small boy absolutely gobsmacked by the fact that the Waterloo & City Line only goes backwards and forwards between two stops ("But WHY does it?") They may be noisier but they're usually happier than adult commuters.

  2. Thanks for the H/T: for the both of them! Another blog to add to my RSS reader (have you come across one called "ornamental passions?).

  3. Thanks! For the H/T (a new buzz-phrase to add to my vocabulary) and also for introducing me to another great blog. Have you discovered "ornamental passions", also about London?

  4. You're welcome, Kirsten. And yet another H/T (I shall get Doffer's Elbow at this rate) for Ornamental Passions. Looks great - I've signed up to follow.


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