Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday Snippets - Snow!

Rosemary for remembrance - the statue is of St Dorothy, a patron of gardening 
It's been a busy week, and I've only managed two posts, one about choosing (or being chosen by) a word for the new(-ish!) year - you can read it here if you like - and a favourite bit of C S Lewis writing about Weather.

Because on Friday the snow came! If you're reading this outside Britain you'll need to know that here, when the snow starts to fall, public transport becomes very difficult. Yesterday I was meant to be teaching a workshop in an agreeable English Cathedral city, but the organisers decided that participants might not be able to get there - or not get home again - so the day has been postponed until April. Which meant, for me, the gift of a Saturday at home! A walk with the dog by the river, which was rushing along in full spate under snow-laden branches; it was one of those snowy days when the sky is darker than the ground. And then the treat of a bowl of pasta in our favourite local Italian restaurant - we decided to celebrate the fact that we were unexpectedly able to have lunch together.  And catching up on sleep...

Today it's snowing quite heavily again. Look at my poor early daffodil...

And here's St Francis in a more sheltered spot...

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  1. Poor St Dorothy. She looks as if she's freezing cold.

    1. Yes I'm sure she is, poor thing. Maybe I should have brought her in and put her next to the looking-forward-to-spring bunch of tulips on our dining table. Do you think that would still count as gardening?


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