Wednesday, 9 January 2013

An angel, a dream and a star

The dream of the Magi, from Autun. Thanks, as so often, to iBenedictines
I love the way that the King woken by the angel has opened his eyes. Epiphanies are all around us, but so often we need a divine touch to see.  My prayer this Epiphany season is to be able to say with e e cummings "now the ears of my ears awake and now the eyes of my eyes are opened". Only the touch of God's messenger can do that for me - and, of course, the messenger may not be what I expect.

Here's an Epiphany poem I'd like to share with you, by Ann Lewin: 


If it’s the thought that counts,
What were they thinking of,
To give him these, gold
Frankincense and myrrh?
Extraordinary gifts to give a child.

When Mary pondered, later, on these things,
I wonder if she thought that
These are given to all –
Gold: our potential, gifts that make us
Royal, each in our own domain;
Incense: our aspirations, prayers
And dreams, calling us on;
Myrrh: soothing healing for our pain.
Not gifts for children,
But, like, him, we’ll grow.


  1. Yes, it's my experience too that God's messengers so often come to me in unexpected ways and guises!


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