Tuesday, 22 January 2013

All shall be well

Someone brought a bunch of daffodils in to the course I teach on today, and they touched my heart. Daffodils are favourite flowers of mine: they were our school flower, because the school's birthday fell at daffodil time and we were encouraged to bring in bunches from our gardens to decorate our classrooms. Several years ago, when I was going through a rather dark time (and it happened to be the depth of winter), I had a dream about masses of daffodils flowering in the cold and darkness - it proved to be a turning point, as hope began to return.

When I was taking the picture I found I was trying to avoid that piece of paper on the notice board where you might just be able to see the words Stretch and Panic. It's a reminder of our hope that on the course we'll all find courage to move out of our Comfort Zone (that's the bit in the middle that you perhaps can't read) and into our Stretch Zone - while not venturing too far or too often into our Panic Zone. I find that challenging! But maybe that's part of the message of daffodils pushing their way through the snow.

I'm reminded too of Sydney Carter's song about Julian of Norwich:
Love like a yellow daffodil is coming through the snow;
Love like a yellow daffodil is Lord of all I know.
Ring out, bells of Norwich, and let the winter come and go -
All shall be well again, I know.

I managed to find a version of the song on YouTube although, if these musicians will forgive me, I still think the best version is the one on the album of Carter's songs called Lovely In The Dances.  And I think the daffodils moved me so much today because they connect with my word for this year...


  1. Nudging my stretch zone at the moment, I'd guess. Beautiful song. I'd not realised the link with Julian of Norwich before.

  2. Yesterday, I was able to take the back road home for the first time this year. I haven't been along that lane since November because another section of the route had been closed for roadworks before Christmas, and then the weather was too bad. I pased the bank where the first primroses appear (far too early for them yet!). I suddenly remembered that last year the first daffodils that I saw were in the verge at the top of the lane... and there they were, in the snow! Still in bud, but with the head kinked over and the yellow petals just showing - and on 23rd JANUARY! Joy.

    1. Hello Kirsten. Yes, they do bring joy, don't they? So glad you saw them!

  3. Really lovely song, and I love the daffodils. They are the joy and laughter of God as winter wanes and make me smile in expectation of the iris and daylilies to come.

  4. "The joy and laughter of God". I love that, Barb - thank you!


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