Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Tricks of the Light

Today's NASA astronomy pic of the day
No, not tricks but beautiful optical effects... The Sun is so precious at this time of year in the northern part of our planet.  Look at this Sun Pillar captured by Göran Strand (and see his blog for more of his stunning photography) in Östersund in the north of Sweden - a place I know and love well. As I write, just after lunch, the Sun is already beginning to dip low and I love to watch the light changing moment by moment. I try to celebrate the "thinness" of the days around the Solstice by paying attention to light and shade.

And you can see some more "tricks" of winter light, in Finland this time, from Kaisa at her blog Valkoinen Poni.

LATE EDIT: more thoughts on light, winter darkness and The Light from Archdruid Eileen

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