Saturday, 1 December 2012

Greater lights

I was going to add this as a late edit to my last post, but decided I'd give it a post of its own. Night has fallen and, if you reckon the day to start at evening as Genesis and the liturgical calendar do, it's Advent. The season of joyful, hopeful waiting has begun; for some of those I care about and with whom I've been in contact lately it's a time of transition, anxiety or sorrow. "O come quickly" Lord, as we'll be singing.

I do love the artificial light and sparkle of this season, as I mentioned last time, but I've just had a glimpse of some of the most beautiful lights of all: a bedtime trip into the garden with the dog revealed a clear, frosty sky with a bright waning gibbous Moon, a parade of constellations (even here in suburbia) including my old friend Orion and glorious Jupiter.

The light-years involved in this stunning display of stars makes the age of yew trees look minuscule in comparison. The Incarnation seems but a blink or a heartbeat away. It's now; Emmanuel. May he find us waiting.
Orion, from the NASA astronomy pic archive


  1. I love standing outside at night and looking up and out. De profundis...

  2. Yes, a real sense of our smallness and God's greatness. Welcome, Michelle! Hope to see you again.


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