Saturday, 15 December 2012

Fairy Nuff

Spirit of the Night by John Atkinson Grimshaw

Here's a little bit of seasonal fun. What would Christmas be without a fairy on top of the tree? So when news came my way of this website, which will create a unique "fairy name" for you, based on your own name, I was intrigued and went to have a look... Allow me, therefore, to introduce myself: you are reading the musings of
Gossamer Moontree
She is a messenger of the moon goddess.
She lives in spider-webbed wonderlands and insect grottoes.
She can only be seen when the first leaves fall from the trees.
She wears dresses made of cobwebs and gossamer and has bright blue butterfly wings.

Now, I'd be honoured to be a messenger of the moon goddess. And I'd be happy to make an appearance when the first leaves fall - I enjoy that time of year (though it might be a bit nippy in a gossamer frock, especially if there were a stiff breeze). But given my tendency to arachnophobia I wouldn't be at my most comfortable in a spider-webbed wonderland. Also, I'm not entirely sure bright blue is my colour, and I'd hate my wings to clash with the rest of me.

There are names available for the chaps, too. And if you don't fancy fairies you can discover your identity as an elf, a mermaid, a unicorn or a witch*. The site suggested I might like to paste my name and description into my profile on my blog. Hmm, maybe not...

*Oh all right then. Since you ask. My witch name is Carbuncle Snailbasher. Quite!

The Fairy Dell by Beryl Cook. Which one do you think is Gossamer Moontree?


  1. Greetings from Bindweed Goblinwand! Just what I need for the top of the Christmas tree.

  2. Hello Gossamer, I'm Feather Iceshimmer

    I protect the vulnerable and brings justice to the wronged.(Mmmm, I like that bit)

    I live in high places where the clouds meet the earth.(Hmmm, not sure about too much altitude, though the views must be magnificent)

    I can only be seen when the first flowers begin to blossom.(meaning I hibernate? I like the sound of that!)

    I wear pale blue like the sky and have icy blue butterfly wings (nope, not my colour)

  3. Well, hello both! Glad to make your acquaintance!


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