Monday, 24 December 2012

Deck the Halls

A trip into the countryside yesterday for a very happy lunch and exchange of gifts with family, including our two entertaining "grand-dogs". Our own Canis Minor loves them, and they had a wonderful time playing together. All except one embarrassing incident...

You see, we don't have a Christmas tree at home - not a full-size, floor-standing one. We don't have room. So CM isn't used to them. As far as he's concerned trees belong out of doors and have a particular usefulness for dogs. So when he saw a real, live tree next to the dining table, despite the fact that it was beautifully decorated and had presents piled beneath it, he did what comes naturally.  Oh dear...


  1. That's wonderful. I can just imagine the scene!

  2. And on your family's carpet, I imagine!


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