Monday, 5 November 2012

Looking at the stars 2

A small postscript to this morning's post. A drop in temperature and a sparkling starry evening. Scent of woodsmoke on the air and rumble of fireworks across the fields. The great bright lamp of Jupiter hanging near the Pleiades, and a welcome sight of the Milky Way, invisible in our suburban skies at home. [A woeful lack of main verbs...]

And there's the Vain Queen, Cassiopeia, so busy gazing at herself in her mirror that she sometimes ends up hanging upside down. I wonder why I relate to her..? But however undignified a position she finds herself in she's still anchored by the Pole Star - still connected with her True North ( cf again Margaret Silf's  excellent Landmarks.)

I enjoy Canis Minor's post-dinner walk here. He can busy himself looking for rabbits (he's on an extending lead so the rabbits are safe in their holes and CM is safe from getting stuck down one) while I can get on with star-gazing.

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