Thursday, 8 November 2012

Don't panic

Corporal Jones from Dad's Army
Sad to hear this morning of the death of the irreplaceable Clive Dunn.  Day's Army still makes me laugh; I loved the series so much - I remember when it was new that we used to eat supper on trays in front of the television so as not to miss it (no recording in those days!). This was something reserved only for the very best programmes.

I read about someone who suffered from bad anxiety attacks at night. His remedy was to listen to recordings of the radio version of Dad's Army - he had the complete set of every episode. He'd heard them so often he could join in with every word - and they still had the power to cheer and comfort him.  This resonates with me.

Rest in peace, Clive Dunn. Thank you.

This clip is more about Fraser than Jones, but it's one of my favourite YouTube bits of Dad's Army. And perhaps Fraser's ghost stories are suitable for this time of year!  Enjoy...


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