Monday, 29 October 2012

Preparing for winter

A prayer by Michael Leunig, from his book A  Common Prayer:

Dear God

Let us prepare for winter. 

The sun has turned away from us and the nest of

summer hangs broken in a tree.  

Life slips through our fingers and, as darkness gathers,

 our hands grow cold.  

It is time to go inside.

It is time for reflection and resonance.

It is time for contemplation. 

Let us go inside.


Stockholm, October 2010


  1. A comment from me... Sorry about the weird layout: I'm experimenting with the Blogpress app. I suppose I could say I've STREEEEETCHED out the lines of the prayer to aid a contemplative reading, but I'm not sure what the little white squares are. But I hope you like the prayer (a favourite of mine) and pictures from an autumn trip to Sweden.

  2. Blogpress? You mean you've ironed out your prayer? The wonders of modern technology! But yes, I do love Michael Leunig's reflections. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. If you knew what my attempts at ironing are like: more creases than when I started, irritability, the odd burnt finger... Probably yes, like my prayer life!


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