Saturday, 27 October 2012

It's about time

Dali's famous clocks

The clocks go back tonight... HALO has a bit of a " thing" about changing the clocks (admittedly we have quite a few at home) and has already started. We're now living in a surreal conflation of two different time zones: I'm hanging on to my watch which won't be changed till bedtime.
Of course, changing the clocks is a purely human construct - an attempt to control the growing darkness in this part of the globe as the year moves on. A bit like Canute with the waves, really. Every year there seems to be a debate about whether we should change the clocks by one hour or two, or at all. Is it better, or safer, to have dark mornings or evenings? For myself, I don't mind dark evenings  (as you can tell from this post). I don't much like waking up in the dark, though - it reminds me of times when I've been anxious or depressed and have woken full of dread in the early hours. But like it or not, the hours of daylight have been growing shorter since the Equinox - even though tonight (and arbitrary date though it is) seems to mark a real change in the seasons.
Here's a prayer for this time of transition:
Wheels turn,
The seasons turn,
The Earth turns,
And the stars turn.

The universe turns,
And I turn with it.
Lord of the turning,
I turn my face to you in wonder.
(Adapted from a prayer by Ceisiwr Serith)
And for more philosophical musings about Time, who better than The Goons? "What time is it, Eccles?"

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