Friday, 19 October 2012

Going Home At Dusk

Going Home at Dusk by John Atkinson Grimshaw
It's a real Atkinson Grimshaw evening. Lights from buildings glistening on the wet pavements, the
daylight fading, and me struggling with my umbrella (though not as elegantly as the lady in the painting) before heading for the Tube and then the train home.

On the train: raindrops coursing down the windows, sodden autumn leaves, tantalising glimpses into the lighted rooms of houses where people are arriving home to get warm and dry and enjoy a steaming cup of tea, the sky gradually changing colour as evening continues to fall.

"What a miserable evening!" said the woman sitting opposite me. I made a polite noise, but couldn't agree. I like wet autumn evenings, especially when I'm on my way home to change my wet shoes, put on a warm jumper and enjoy my own steaming cup of tea (smoky Lapsang Souchong please!); especially on a Friday with the weekend beckoning, and Miranda on telly tonight. A very pleasant
evening indeed!

LATE EDIT: I've discovered that rainy evenings are good for age-related "power surges" too. A few deep breaths and cold water under cover of darkness work wonders. I'm always careful to stand near the bins, though, so that it looks as if I'm putting out the rubbish - so the neighbours don't think I'm completely insane.

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  1. What a beautiful picture you paint.... I'm not referring to the power surges here!


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