Sunday, 30 September 2012

Haleg Monath

A salute to September before we leave it for another year. Known in the Anglo-Saxon calendar as Haleg Monath - Holy Month. Even the Venerable Bede was not sure of the reason for this name, but to me it always feels like a "thin" holy time of transition. For a beautiful, evocative description of the flavour of this time of year have a look at Quinn MacDonald's thoughts on Celebrating New Year in Fall. Please do - before you read any more from me; she describes it so wonderfully...

And some music...

My favourite autumn song - Marigold by Maddy Prior. There's some rather esoteric* imagery in the
You Tube poster's video but the song ends with a hymn of praise from the assembled company of Steeleye Span. Enjoy - and bring on the toffee apples, treacle and mulled wine!

Finally, it was Michaelmas yesterday. As always, Archdruid Eileen of the Beaker Folk writes better than I can about why it might be that we celebrate St Michael and all the angels at this darkening time year.  Blessings!

* Can you have "rather esoteric"? Or is it like saying "rather unique"?
You'd expect some Burne-Jones angels from me for Michaelmas!


  1. You forgot the hot chestnuts; you just can't have mulled wine without them!

    1. Mmm, yes! They are mentioned in the song, though, along with the other ingredients...


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