Saturday, 22 September 2012


Some words from Sister Macrina Wiederkehr:

"...I stand in the gloaming. One hand cradles daylight, the other welcomes night... I sense a very thin veil between heaven and earth." (Seven Sacred Pauses, Sorin Books, 2008 p. 135)

She's writing about evening, but her words could just as well apply to this "thin" time of balance, a gentle pause (that word again) when day and night are of equal length. In the part of the planet where I live it's the beginning of autumn - and today, just to mark the occasion, I found the first conker (horse chestnut) of the season! I've also bought a pair of furry slippers for the coming chilly evenings, to replace a pair that have at last fallen apart. It's been the most beautiful, sunny, perfect autumn day. A picture from Wikipedia this time as I'm having a quiet, balancing evening, and it's simpler! I'll try to dig out some of my own autumn photos for another post.

Ignatius was keen on the idea of balance - he counselled a poised, open-handed, grateful freedom in 
regard to all created things. And, above all, he said that the spiritual director should be "like a balance at equilibrium", not trying to sway the pilgrim one way or another, allowing "the Creator to deal with the creature". This seems a good grace to pray for at this time of the year.

I read that the Equinox is a good time to see the Aurora Borealis - the Northern Lights. If, like me, you live where you're unlikely to see them, here's a beautiful sight of them from One Cannot Have Too Large A Party. As the author says, enjoy!

How about this for a Sun-dance for the Equinox? From NASA's daily picture site - read about it here

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