Saturday, 15 September 2012

Dramatis Personae...

... Or, It's Not All About Me. As I discover more about the world of blogging I realise I'll need to find ways of referring to those around me. My long-suffering husband is certain to feature in a post sooner or later: "Mr [or, as it should be, Fr] TLTMTS" seems a little cumbersome. He suggests I use a name given to him in his days as a Naval Chaplain: HALO, which stands for High Altitude Liaison Officer. Happy to do so - so watch this space!

The third person in our marriage, our dog, has already been mentioned several times and even had his picture in my last post. (He is also the small white dot in the beach photo at the top of the page). I think I'll call him Canis Minor. "Minor" in the sense not of smaller (there's only one of him) but of rather small - he's a Parson Russell, that quintessential big-dog-in-small-body.

Just in case you're interested...

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